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Protect your
spirit, mind, & body.

Martial Arts training that empowers you to protect yourself and feel safe wherever you go.


Head Instructor André Hilton with Grandmaster Hatsumi Soke

Be Ready for Emergency Situations

Protect Yourself & Loved Ones

 Health, Vitality & a Better Life

Police Cars

Don't freeze in the face of danger.

Be prepared for any situation, with training that prepares you for real-life scenarios. 


Never feel helpless again.

Increase your ability to respond successfully in dangerous situations. 

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Enjoy the fullness of life. 

Consistent physical activity and body movement are the keys to longevity.

Step into the Dojo, Your Classes Await...






SHIDOSHI (Licensed Teacher) 

André Hilton 

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Ivana Pavcic


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ages 8-16


Ivana Pavcic

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Julia Rea


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Training Grounds: The Dojo 

The Dojo

Beyond the Mats: Our Foundation

Picture a journey where every technique learned serves a dual purpose: not just for physical defense, but also for enhancing your mental resilience, fostering inner peace, and promoting holistic well-being.

Our philosophy encourages a mindset where movement becomes a tool, a guide for shaping a new way of life—one that’s centered around health, preparedness, and personal growth.

Go beyond technique, become equipped for the unexpected, and be prepared to protect yourself and those dear to you in unforeseen circumstances.


Step out of the gym, and into the dojo, where the art of self-mastery unfolds.

Martial arts isn't just about physical capability; it's a journey that cultivates inner strength, and fosters a balanced union of mind, body, and spirit. This is why we incorporate yoga, qi gong and meditation into our practice. 

A flexible and agile body allows for better energy flow, less tension, and adaptability

Learn how to clear energy blocks, and improve health and vitality through physical movement.

In a world that can be chaotic, we must choose to create moments of peace. Learn valuable techniques to reduce stress and negative emotions while improving focus, mood, and overall well-being. 

About Us









  • Why Train with Space Warrior?
    Head Teacher André Hilton is a lifelong martial artist, and has trained over 5000 security professionals. His father, who was a licensed Bujinkan Shidoshi, started André's training in Ninjutsu at the age of 3. André has also trained in various sport martial arts, police defensive tactics, and special operations combatives, to an advanced, and instructor level. He has travelled to Japan to train over 10 times, and received his Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) and Shidoshi (Licensed Instructor) from Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, Soke of the Bujinkan. Space Warrior Martial Arts teaches ancient combat principles that were and still are used in modern combat, and in other areas of life like business, high performance coaching, life strategies, healing modalities, and communication. ​ Whether you are facing larger attackers, multiple attackers, weapons or just want to feel safe in your own skin, at Space Warrior Martial Arts, speed beats strength, surprise beats speed, and awareness beats surprise.
  • Why Train In Ninjutsu?
    A ninja can do all things, with a high degree of skill and effectiveness. Most martial arts focus on technique over practical training, but only one of these things will actually save your life in the real world. Ninjutsu is about training you for emergency situations. The distinguishing factor in someone's exceptional skill often comes down to their ability to respond effectively in emergency or life-threatening situations. We're not teaching you to win a one-on-one fight in a ring; actions like striking or choking someone can be illegal. In reality, winning would mean getting home safe. Ninjutsu is not about fighting, it's about knowing the hearts and minds of others. If you know this, then you have already won without fighting.
  • What's the point of martial arts training?
    The Art of War was read not only by those who liked martial arts, but by people in business. This is because the principles of martial arts can be studied and applied to any system and bring success. How could this be? Martial training teaches skills for life. These are skills that are not taught in school, but are fundamental.
  • Why purchase a yearly package?
    Dabbling in anything especially martial arts, is not the way. The most fun is "diving into the pool", not staying in the shallow end. Immersing yourself, by joining for the year, is the best way to open the door to consistent skills and the true benefits of endurance training. The Three Steps to Mastery 1) Find someone who is the best at what you would like to do 2) Immerse yourself in the subject and spend time with the master 3) Have at least a day of rest in between to digest what you learned Our packages are designed to reward those who are ready to fully commit to their goals, and training at Space Warrior Martial Arts multiple times a week is the best way we can help you attain them.
  • Should I get a monthly or yearly package?
    We like to answer this question with another question.... How skilled do you want to be? If you want to be just "okay" at defending yourself, then training once a week for a couple months on and off is "okay". However, if you are one of the people who wants to be outstanding at protecting yourself and those around you, then training multiple times a week for a whole year will drastically transform your skill.
  • Can I pay for the year in instalments?
    We kindly ask that our yearly rate be paid in full. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Can I try a class for free?
    In an Old Chinese Proverb, the student approached the Zen master, asking "Master, please teach me about Zen". The master began to pour a cup of tea, and continued pouring so that it would overflow. He then stated, "You are like this cup; you are full of ideas. You come and ask for teaching, but your cup is full; I can't put anything in. Before I can teach you, you'll have to empty your cup." Training in martial arts is not something to be "tried out" for entertainment. Inside and outside of the dojo, there is a level of respect towards your instructors that must be maintained. If you cannot "empty your cup" or in this case pay for training, then you have failed to see the value of your instructors knowledge.



The self-protection and development method of the Japanese Shinobi (Ninja).

The way of the ninja is not about violence, but about self-mastery and right action.

It cultivates both practical self-defence skills and personal growth, making it a valuable practice for all ages.




Taijutsu refers to the body and movement skills that were once taught to legendary Japanese ninja warriors. It laid the foundation for modern martial arts like Judo, Jiujitsu, MMA, and defensive tactics. Taijutsu encompasses agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, mental discipline, combat effectiveness, and physical fitness.




Ninpo, meaning "the way of perseverance", encompasses a way of living, moving, and thinking.

Preceding Tai Chi, it shares its origins with Yoga, Chinese Medicine, and Mysticism, forming a rich body of knowledge and training that spans ancient traditions and holistic practices.


Step into the Dojo

Dojo Location

1001 Denison St, Unit 10

Markham, ON

Entrance @ Back of Building

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