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ACUPUNCTURE is an ancient practice that uses needles to rebalance the energy centres of the body. When this energy flows correctly, the body will heal itself. This treatment encourages your body to be in a state of healing. We offer local acupuncture treatment (i.e. knee issue), full body acupuncture treatment, and a third treatment using cupping, acupuncture, and moxibustion.

CUPPING is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine where suction is used to ease pain, improve circulation and organ health, and clear negative or stagnant chi from the body. Cupping is included in our cosmic healing acupuncture treatment, along with moxibustion. 

MOXIBUSTION aids in invigorating the body's chi, clearing blocks and negative energy, and sealing up the meridians after an acupuncture treatment.



DETOX is a powerful form of purification, not only for the body but also for the mind and soul. Our bodies were made to function perfectly so when we clear them of negative toxins, thoughts, and emotions, the body can focus on healing. Alongside this, our structural foundation should be in alignment for maximum energy flow.

IONIC FOOT DETOX generates positive and negative charged ions that neutralize toxins and remove them from the body through osmosis. Clients experience a variety of benefits from this detox including weight loss, increased energy and mental clarity, pain relief, and a greater sense of wellbeing. 

EAR CANDLING is an ancient therapy where toxins and debris are removed from the ears. It has been known to improve sinuses, assist with ear aches or headaches, and sharpens mental functions and the five senses. 

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is a gentle, hands-on technique that aids in relieving pain and tension, while also encouraging cranial, spinal, and pelvic alignment. The brain and central nervous system respond to these subtle movements within the bodies soft tissue, creating an environment for healing and realignment.



We are all made of energy. Energy or life force energy flows throughout the body to keep us alive and well. This energy can be blocked by trauma, negative thinking, negative behaviour, or strong emotional responses. The treatments we offer are meant to heal the seen and unseen wounds on our bodies, minds, and souls. 

REIKI THERAPY also known as the healing touch, gently clears the energy body by opening blocked meridians and chakras. The practitioner acts as a channel for life force energy to flow from the heavens into the physical body. This energy encourages deep healing for the physical body, mind, and soul. 


INTUITIVE HEALING please inquire 



The body holds tension, negative thoughts, and negative emotions that are not beneficial. With massage, this energy can be released, allowing you to let go of what no longer serves you on a physical and emotional level. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE offers a thorough yet relaxing massage meant to release tension and knots to alleviate pain, and increase flexibility, and overall wellbeing. 

HOT STONE MASSAGE uses hot stones to relax and release the muscles. The rocks offer a grounding effect, calming down the nervous system, muscles, and organs. Looking to feel like you just spent a day at the spa? This one is for you.


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