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In ancient monasteries, three subjects were taught: meditation, healing, and martial arts.

Space Warrior Martial Arts offers a variety of classes from Meditation and Qi Gong, to Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu.


Head instructor André Hilton, R.Ac, 5th Dan, began studying Ninpo Taijutsu at the age of 3, and practicing Qi Gong and various meditations since age 12. Presently, André has trained over 1500 students in self-protection methods and Budo healing practices.

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What to expect in Ninjutsu Training

  • Taijutsu (using the total body as a weapon)

  • Movement (rolling, leaping etc)

  • Striking and Grappling Methods

  • Escape and Avoidance Skills 

  • Falling Safely to the ground

  • Junin Taiso (physical conditioning) 

  • Tactical Communication

  • Leadership

  • Counter MMA, self-defence, close protection methods 

  • Learn to deal with multiple attackers 

  • Weapons Training (mock weaponry)

  • Firearms Disarms and Knife Defense

  • Camouflage and Concealment

  • Legal authorities for the martial artist

  • Qi Gong and Nei Gong (for skill development, health, and longevity)

  • Meditation

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